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Ordernr : GER013
Price : 20 euro

Leather wrapped Myflam their "Passat" lighter.  Works with gas, made in West Germany

Condition : Used, minor pocket wear, good condition
Year : C. 1960


Ordernr : GER015
Price : Sold

Eldro lighter with advertisement for Beckmann K.G.  Beautifully done on black enamel.  Fluid lighter, mens model.  Semi automatic opening mecanism

Condition : Dry fired, very minor wear, excellent condition
Year : C. 1940

      Ordernr : GER019
Price : Sold

Magnificent hart shaped KW lighter, made in germany. Superb opeing mecanism as can be found on most KW lighters. Very beautiful red enamel with the letter "F"

Condition : Minor used, some missing chips on the enamel. Still in very good working condition
Year : C. 1930

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