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Ordernr : GER033
Price : 75 euro

Sterling silver wrap Pilot table lighter.  Marked 925 sterling silver.  Semi-automatic mecanism, works by pushing the botton on the side.  The swingarm-head is covering the wheel and the snuffercap.  Works with petrol.

Condition : Used, few dents, scratches and brass showing on on certain parts as can be seen in the pictures.  Working condition
Year : C. 1935
Reference : 1000 Feuerzeuge : picture 229



Ordernr : GER036
Price : 48 euro

Rare Augusta Light-O-Matic petrol table lighter (NOT GAS).  Beautifull gold plated finish with advertisement with Kangeroo.  Automatic action, lights when lifted, closes by placing back on table.  Has got a safety lock on the flint screw (see picture
bottom).  Superb lighter mecanism as can seen in the picture without the cap on.

Condition : Very minor use, wick stil white, almost no wear.  Most wear is situated on the base, highest probably due to bad storage, excellent working condition
Year : C. 1955
Reference : 1000 Feuerzeuge : picture 16 (petrol)


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