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Ordernr : USA024
Price : 50 euro

Rare Lighter cigarette/case made byMetalfield, New York.  This is their Aladdin model.  High polish brass.  Lighter lights when closing the case.

Condition : Dry fired never filled, small scratches due to bad storage, excellent condition
Year : C. 1950-1960


Ordernr : USA025
Price : 285 euro

Very rare Sterling Silver Webster lighter. This rare lighter has a double cap. With one cap lifted you have a windscreen, with the both lifted, not. Please check out the pictures. The front is engraved with initials

Condition : Used, good working condition, one dent on the back, can be removed by a proffesional silver jeweler. Overall, can be stated in good condition
Year : C. 1929

Ordernr : USA028
Price : 25 euro

Unmarked table lighter with advertisement for Capri Lane, similar to zippo

Condition : Dry fired, hairline scratches, very good condition
Year : C. 1955

Ordernr : USA036
Price :  52 euro

Ritepoint petrol table lighter, with a very big visible fuel tank.  Fuerl tank has got an advertisement for General Motors.  Ritepoint was the precursor for the famous Scripto lighter.

Condition : Minor use, good condition, minor wear.  Some small chips of black paint coming loose on advertisement.  Can easely be brought back into service.
Year : C. 1958

Ordernr : USA037
Price :   40 euro

Scripto VU petrol lighter, table version with no advertisement and black base.

Condition : Used condition, minor wear, still good to very good condition
Year : C. 1960

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