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Sterling Silver hallmarked Classic Petrol table lighter 1929

Order ref : UK004                                Price : 425 euro

This magnificent lighter has been made in England by a company called Classic.  This tabe lighter was made in 1929 and sold in 1930.
The initials of the new owner were engraved on the top : MTJ

This lighter is made out of sterling silver with the highest level of detail.  Can easely be compared with companies like Dunhill.
This beauty is equiped with a liftarm and a rare side thumb wheel.  Also very irregular is the entire mecanism that strikes the flint.
It is unusual in that it operates by a wheel at the back of the lighter rather than at the sparking wheel area.
The entire lighter was made very service friendly and can almost be completely taken apart for service purposes.

Some more detail on below pictures

The top of the lighter with
owners initials
The top with mecanism
Close up liftarm
Close up top, lift arm,
notice hallmark

The finish of the case, magnificent


The Hallmarks on the bottom of the lighter :

                                                                                     Bross A LTD : The manufacturer's name
                                                                                     Anchor : Assay Office of Birmingham
                                                                                     Lion : Hallmark for sterling silver 925
                                                                                     E : The date letter for 1929

Basicly this means that the lighter was made by a company called Bross A Ltd, probably in the area of Birmingham since the lighter was brought to the assay office of Birmingham to be hallmarked.  The lion figure shows the article consists of 925 parts of sterling silver by weight to 75 parts of other metals.  Each year the date letter is changed, in 1929, the letter E with the same background was used.

This lighter exists of two main parts.  The body, case and the lightermecanism with bag to hold the lighter fluid.

Filling the lighter is very easy.  Take the lighter apart and just poore some lighterfluid in the case.  By placing the top with bag back,
the lighter fluid will go in the cotton.  The bag is being held in the case with a copper ring, this ring fits exactly in the top of the lighter.

Notice again all hallmarks on the lightermecanism and even on the flint screw.


This sterling silver table lighter can be stated from excellent to near mint condition.  Although there is a small dent on the bottom of the lighter.
Can be seen on the first picture of the bottem of the lighter.  Probably this can be fixed by a jeweler, but i will leave that to the new owner.  I think the lighter has been lit since i can see traces on the inside of the lid but the wick is still white.  Flint has been removed.  No other flaws can be found on this beauty.


Due to the uniqueness of this piece nothing identical can be found in any lighter book i own, but here are some who come very close :
Cigarette Lighters by Stuart Schneider & George Fisher : This book comes the closest to describe the lighter.  On page 24 you will find the ball model.  The top is almost identical as this lighter
1000 Feuerzeuge by GŁnther W. Broesan : Page 88 Picture 428, not the same lighter but probably the same manufacturer and similar mecanism
Accendini by StefanoBisconcini : Page 243 picture 605, same lighter but probably the same manufacturer and similar mecanism

Questions about this beauty, just drop me a mail


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