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Ordernr : ORI014
Price :  85 euro

Magnificent sportscar (prob. Jaguar E-type) petrol lighter.  Works by pressing the front bumper, made in Japan

Condition : Never been used, dry fired but some bad storage marks, minor dings on the corners, otherwise in very good condition, needs a good clean.
Year : C. 1960



Ordernr : ORI017
Price :  19 euro

Superb automatic electric gas lighter.  Made by Prince, this is their model Excel.  Works by turning the little knob on the top, and pressing for ignition.  Lighter itself is silver plated with a great design.

Condition : Very minor use, almost no pocket wear, not tested, needs a new battery
Year : C. 1980

Ordernr : ORI024
Price :  58 euro

Superb advertising lighter for Pepsi-Cola with an incorporated mucic box, works with petrol, made in Japan.

Condition : Minor use, minor pocket wear, good condition.  Check pictures for paint loss.  Can't seem to get the music box to work.
Year : C. 1964

  Ordernr : ORI025
Price : Sold

Very big (circa 16.5cm*11.5cm*3.5cm) zippo type (NOT zippo) petrol lighter.  Probably needs a huge amount of lighter fluid.

Condition : Used, good working condition
Year : C. 1980

Ordernr : ORI026
Price : 6 euro

Rare Chinese trick shock lighter, really zaps you hard.  This is a funny thing.  Works with an AAA battery.

Condition : Used, pocket wear, good condition.  New battery installed.
Year : C. 1970

Ordernr : ORI027
Price : 23 euro

Rare radio shaped Hadson petrol lighter (also known for their flat advertisement lighters).  Very attractive lighter with a very nice finish.  Made in Japan.

Condition : Dry fired a few times, some storage marks but overall excellent working condition
Year : C. 1955

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