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  Ordernr : FRA051
Price : Sold

Silvermatch UltraPlat gas lighter with exchangeable gas tank.  Nice design.

Condition : Minor use, needs good clean, perfect working condition.
Year : C. 1958

  Ordernr : FRA052
Price : Sold

Beautifull black enamelled Silver Match gas lighter with exchangeable tank, lighter fitment removable, small roller.  Magnificent 3 panel advertisement for International Harvester created for a shop in Algiers (Tlemcen)

Condition : Used, normal pocket wear, untested, good condition
Year : C. 1970

        Ordernr : FRA053
Price : Sold

French made Dandy petrol lighter, has a large double wheel and a side action for the opening.  Chrome plate with engine turned gold plated finish.

Condition : Only dry fired, minor storage marks, excellent working condition.  Near mint.
Year : C. 1939

        Ordernr : FRA054
Price : Sold

Superb blue celluoid wrap Polaire petrol lighter.  Has a view of Montcuq in France.  Beautifull opening mecanism

Condition : Minor use, needs good clean, perfect working condition.
Year : C. 1939

Ordernr : FRA056
Price : 15 euro

Brown and black Silver Match Compound gas lighters with excangeable tank  Black one still has gas in it.

Condition : Used, needs a good clean, untested.  good condition.
Year : C. 1957
Reference : 1000 Feuerzeuge 509

Ordernr : FRA057
Price : 14 euro

Black enamel Feudor gas lighter with a double thumb wheel.  This is the first lighter made with exchangeable tank from copper

Condition : Minor use, enamel is all there with some minor handling marks, untested, perfect condition.
Year : C. 1960
Reference : 1000 Feuerzeuge 440

      Ordernr : FRA058
Price : Sold

Black leather wrap Vulcano liftarm petrol lighter.  Gold plated.  Made in France

Condition : Used, needs good clean, gold plating partially gone.  Good working condition.
Year : C. 1925

Ordernr : FRA059
Price : 7 euro

Black Crackle Silvermatch Compound lighter with exchangeable tank.

Condition : Used, pocketwear, untested, 99% of crackle is still present, good condition.
Year : C. 1960


Ordernr : FRA061
Price : 36 euro

Rare Polaire Fujiama petrol table lighter with celluloid wrap and Belgian tax stamp.  Liftarm mecanism.  HP chrome plated brass.  Rare to be found with Belgian tax stamp, clearly can be seen that this lighter was made for an incorperated French tax stamp.

Condition : Used, still very good working condition, regretfully wrap has been broken on side and typical wear on base
Year : C. 1912
Reference : 1000 Feuerzeuge : picture 498

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