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Ordernr : FRA009
Price : 75 euro

Old smokers set with pipe, lighter + cigarette holder

Condition : Never been used, near mint
Year : C. 1930


Ordernr : FRA023
Price :  85 euro

Solid gold Silvermatch Compound gas lighter, with gold hallmarks (see picture)

Condition : Used, minor dings, normal pocket wear, empty,  needs a new tank
Year : C. 1954

Ordernr : FRA025
Price : 15 euro

Silvermatch Dandy gas lighter with exchangeable gas tank

Condition : Very minor use, in perfect working condition
Year : C. 1965

  Ordernr : FRA027
Price : Sold

Superb Flaminaire lighter with non replaceable tank but with the possibility to refill with correct tools. Superb mecanism.  The body is made out of plastic.

Condition : Very minor use, some handling spots on the case.  Gastank is empty
Year : C. 1965


Ordernr : FRA033
Price : 78 euro

Superb Zico 421 petrol lighter with advertisement for Sofca, a French company with a veterinary lab, situated in paris.  Looks very similar to US Ritepoint lighters but much more sophisticated.  Please check below how to take this lighter apart.  Superb piece, in every aspect.

Condition : Never been used, some wear from bad storage.  Can be stated excellent to near mint condition.
Year : C. 1950



Ordernr : FRA034
Price : Sold

Black wrapped petrol liftarm lighter "junior" from Flamidor with double thumb wheel.  Works with petrol.

Condition : Very minor use, pocket wear.  Good working condition.  Overall very good condition
Year : C. 1938

        Ordernr : FRA036
Price : Sold

Very rare Briquet Feu Follet table lighter (H=16cm-W=12cm).  If orange button is unscrewed (quarter turn), the candle lighter works while picking up.  Superb mecanism.  Silver plate, candle actually feels like a real candle.

See Bisconcini 157

Condition : Very minor use, excellent condition.  Works as a charm, just put 4 * AA batteries in.
Year : C. 1968

        Ordernr : FRA038
Price : Sold

Semi-automatic gold plated Azur pocket lighter, finished with a beautifull leather wrap.  Made in Monaco.  Marked "Liscence KW".  Almost impossible to find.

Condition : Minor use, minor pocket wear.  Very good working condition
Year : C. 1938

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