The 1970 Salesman case from Zippo (1)

Specially made for Zippo their salesmen, this case was used in the Alabama region in the USA.  The general idea of these cases is to show customers the different types of engravings, colors and the wide range of products available to potential customers.  Many of these items were never brought into normal production.

The case itselfs measures 46.5cm*31.5cm*11cm.  In the top left corner "Zippo" is clearly marked in gold letters.  The case is made out of alluminum and finished with leather When opening the case, a removable briefcase with 5 compartiments can be found attached to the lid of the case.  This was used to keep all paperwork and orders in there.

In the briefcase there was also a "Selvyt" polishing cloth, made by Hollins Thomson Ltd from Manchester, England.

Some views from the inside of the case, more details below

On the top left corner we can find the Golf gift set.  3 golf balls and a greenskeeper are included in this set.  These sets are extremely hard to find.  Each golf ball has got a double advertisement to show the possibilities.
Below you will find two greenskeepers (used for golf players) and a pocket knife with money clip.  The greenskeeper on the left is normally with Golf gift set.

On the lower left corner there are the 3 different types of available lighters during that period.  Also a HP chrome ruler
1970 slim pocket lighter with a T&C finish for The Schrebeport Times High polish chrome ruler with a cement truck and phone number 1969 lighter with T&C finish for the moonlanding on july 20 Double sided Barcroft table lighter with an advertisement for Airstream campers.  On the back the initial "B" engraved.  Highest probably stands for Blaisdell
Top middle of the case 3 golf balls, included the very rare "the little persuader by Zippo"

The first panel in the middle of the case

1970 slim Zippo for Gammons Gourmets Charter member

A very attractive ruler with an engraved horse.  Very beautifull engraving job

Impossible to date slim Zippo for General Motors



Magnificent doublesided HP Chrome ruler with the signature of PC Blaisdell (grandson of George)

Superb doublesided Br. Chr. ruler for Owens.  On the back a converter.

1970 slim Zippo with ad for Continental Grains

1970 slim Zippo with ad for Sanford brick & Tile Co.

The second panel in the middle of the case

10Kt gold filled ad zippo for Mrs Filbert's 50th anniversary

A superb 1964 lossproof zippo lighter with an ad for Winchester and the original lanyard

1970 HP chrome ad for Hereford State Bank from Texas

1970 double sided Zippo, ad Holliday Inn with initials for PC Blaisdell

A money clip knife and pocket knife, both for their introduction

1965 HP chrome double panel ad for Aristoloy Steel

A nice greenskeeper

The top right side of the case

A ruler with an ad for Premier Stamping A moneyclip knife with an ad for National 3 flint holders with different ads, regretfully damaged by frozen flints

The bottom right side of the case

Giftset with Zippo lighter, flint holder and fuel 1970 Br. Chr. with ad for Bancard check Front of fuel can back of fuel can Special stickers to be placed on fuel cans

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