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Zippo Lighter Grumman Aircrafts Logo 1981 MIB A025

Grumman aircraft zippos have always been highly sought by Zippo collectors over the world.  Prices go up each year and has been a very proven investment.  This 1981 zippo with blue Grumman logo on a high polish chrome finish is a joy to be seen and still a very simple design on the artwork.  Mint in the original box and with the small paperwork included.


Front & back
Manufacturer Date Condition Flint removed cleaned
Zippo 1981 Mint Yes NA
The Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation was founded in 1929 by Leroy Grumman.  Its first products were float planes sold to the Navy until W.W.II, when the company produced Wildcats, Hellcats, and Avengers. The Korean war saw Grumman's entry into the jet age with the F9F Panther. The Vietnam War saw the A-6 Intruder, the world's only All Weather Attack Bomber used by Navy and Marine Corps squadrons. The last days of the war saw the F-14. During the US Apollo missions, Grumman built the Lunar Module.
In 1994 the Northrop Corporation of California acquired Grumman.

Correct 1976-1981 insert Bottom 1981
Outer Case Insert
Material Barrels Bottem Markings Material Chimney & Holes Markings Cotton ends
Brass 5 / Zippo Stainless Steel 16 1976-1981 Felt Pad

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