Books about Zippo

When your collection begins to grow, you will find the need for more information.  A good way to find the information is through books.  They can help you with dating your lighter correctly, find out about special finishes, the rarety of some of your lighters in your collection, value, history, etc, etc.
As with all books about certain subjects, there are good ones and bad ones.  Please note, reviews below are our personal findings, in order to find out your own, you will need to buy them.

If you would like to buy one of the below books and can't find them, feel free to contact us.

The Zippo Manuals

Zippo Manual 1 :

Editor : Kesaharu Imai
First Printing : November 1992
Pages : 256
Language : Japanese & English
Chapters :

1 : Bradford, Home of Zippo
2 : The Day Zippo Was Born
3 : Kendall Oil and Zippo
4 : Sport Series and Its Design Changes
5 : Debut of the Windproof Lady in Esquire
6 : GI's Best Friend in WWII
7 : Table Lighters and Their Changes
8 : Lifetime Billboard in a pocket
9 : Packages; a Part of Zippo Art
10 : Space Programs Engraved on the Cases
11 : In Vietnam, It Was More Than a Lighter
12 : How to Find the Year of Manufacture
13 : Military Zippos Fascinate Collectors
14 : An American Classic Works Forever

A great book for the more advanced collector, lots of pictures and a great foldout page to date your Zippo.

Zippo Manual 2 :

Editor : Kesaharu Imai
First Printing : March 1993
Pages : 256
Language : Japanese & English
Chapters :

1 : Reliable Service of Zippo
2 : Town & Country
3 : Zippos in the Vietnam War
4 : Attractive Zippos
5 : Zippo Art
6 : Tips for Collecting Zippos
7 : Zippo Standard Models and Series since 1932
8 : From Metal Strip to a Final Product
9 : Designing Process at Zippo's Art Dept.
10 : Changes of Zippo Fuel Containers
11 : Brown Water Navy in the Vietnam War
12 : French Military and its Zippo Lighters
13 : U.S. Navy and Ship Lighters
14 : Collection of U.SS Navy Ship Lighters

Another great book for the more advanced collector, lots of pictures just to many pages about the French military