Links to other collectors

Personal hompages with collections on display

Robs' collection Very impressive collection, a real high end collector of zippos
Piotrs' Collection A very nice collection of zippo lighters from Poland
Dana & Robin Superb collection, magnificent all the way
Slomos' Zippo Another great collection from Germany
Zippo Forumactif Superb forum for the French zippo collectors
Andy's collection German collector, words are not enough, just click the link
George W. Hamlet Impressive website, a real example on how to display your zippos
Date your zippo George goes the extra mile again, Date your zippo.  Perfect
Rainer Kytzia Nice collection of Dunhill, Thorens, Ronson and Zippo lighters from Germany
The Antique Lighter Shop Richard Ball's lighter page
Navzip A Website Dedicated to the Preservation of Military Zippos
Zippocollection Zippo collection on display from Switserland