Dating your zippo lighter


I guess dating zippo lighters is something all collectors know.  There has been a lot written on dating your zippo lighter.  Dating young zippo lighters is easy.  The Roman numerals are very easy to use.  Dating older zippo lighters, specially before the 1950's is a bit harder since you need to pay attention to many different markings on the lighters and even materials they are made of.

Let's start with the easy way of dating zippo lighters.  Zippo prints every year  "The zippo lighter collectors' guide".  This small pocket size book is very good for novice collectors or for dating zippos up to 1966.  That is where i personally use it for.  The guide also refers to older zippo lighters but doesn't go in much detail.

Some of the guides zippo produced, these are also becomming collectibles for many collectors.

This is what you will find in the zippo collectors' guide