Going The Extra mile in Lighter Collecting

We buy and trade lighters

Buying section :

In case you have a lighter or a lightercollection for sale, please contact us. We buy entire collections or single models, we also have a very large part of our collection that we are always willing to trade against other lighters.

In case you have something for sale or trade, please contact us at :

Please try to give a description of what you want to sell, like the brand, age, condition, etc. Please remember : "A picture says more then a 1000 words"

Selling or Trading Section :

Are you looking for a specific lighter, let us know and we will have a serious look for it. We know collectors from all over the world and can always bring you in contact with other collectors. We also have a very large collection for trade ourself, please look here

For all selling or trading matters, please contact us at :